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Reaching Japanese for Christ - Osaka

RJC-Osaka glorifies God by bringing the gospel to Japanese & discipling them in Christ.


RJC Multi-Site Conference 2018 Osaka

マルチサイト カンファレンス 2018年 大阪

A one-day conference to promote the work of the gospel in Japan. This multi-city conference will be held in Osaka and Tokyo, as well as in eight American cities.

Our featured speaker is Pastor Hiroaki Yonai, of Kokubunji Baptist Church in Tokyo. Yonai-sensei is also the chairman of the Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN) and vice-chairman of the Japan Evangelical Association (JEA).

Several local speakers will conduct workshops about the gospel in Japan -- two in Japanese, and two in English.

A time of worship, a panel discussion, and a concert of prayer round out the schedule, and an obento lunch is included in the cost of the conference.

Early Registration Cost: ¥3,000 early registration (paid by Sept. 20)

Regular Cost: ¥3,500.

Register online at: https://goo.gl/forms/F7uLH28rCF1ojpDG2 (Below)





前割:3000円(9月20日までにお支払いください。) 通常:3500円

Register online at: https://goo.gl/forms/F7uLH28rCF1ojpDG2 (以下にあり)