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Reaching Japanese for Christ - Osaka

Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) was founded by retired Converge missionary Don Wright and is currently led by Dennis Peters, a former Assemblies of God missionary who served in Japan for many years.

RJC has been working to share the gospel with Japanese since 2006. Ministry to Japanese temporarily residing in the United States was the focus of RJC for many years, but the need to include churches and missionaries in Japan in the RJC Network has become increasingly clear over the years. The RJC Multisite Conference in October 2018 will be the first RJC Conference to include sites in Japan.

RJC’s vision is: To glorify God by partnering together, to give the approximately half million Japanese who (temporarily) reside in Canada and the United States an opportunity to hear the gospel and become disciples of Jesus Christ!

RJC-Osaka is an extension of the ministry of RJC that facilitates RJC ministry in the Kansai area. RJC-Osaka was formed in May, 2018.


RJC(Reaching Japanese for Christ=キリストのために日本人に福音を伝える)はコンバージの宣教師を退職されたドン•ライトさんによって設立され、現在は長年日本で仕えたアッセンブリーズ•オブ•ガッドのデニス•ピーターズさんによって導かれています 。

RJCは2006年から日本人に福音を伝え続けています。アメリカに一時的に住む日本人へのミニストリーが長年RJCのミニストリーの 主なターゲットでしたが、RJCネットワークに日本の教会や宣教師たちを含める必要性が年々に渡り益々明らかとなりました。2018年10月RJCマルチサイトカンファレンスには初めてRJCカンファレンスとして日本の会場に含まれる予定です。



Reaching Japanese for Christ Network https://rjcnetwork.org/ (Parent Organization 親組織)